A Brief Guide to Limousine Features

A limousine is a luxury vehicle that is available for hire. It can be rented by the hour or day, and it has many features that are designed to make your ride as comfortable as possible.

Stretch limousines are a perfect choice for those who want to have extra space inside the vehicle. These types of vehicles can be divided into two main categories: stretch SUV’s and stretch sedans. Each type has its own advantages, so it is important before you buy such a car that you think about your needs very carefully.

From seating arrangements to amenities, here are some of the most popular features of limousines:

Features of a Stretch Limo

  • A stretch limousine will have more legroom than an average car because passengers sit further away from each other. This makes it easier for people who are taller or larger in size to feel more comfortable on their rides.
  • A partition between the driver’s area and passenger area may be installed so you can travel with complete privacy if desired.
  • If you’re looking for a festive atmosphere, limousines can have a bar, disco ball, and even spotlights to create an exciting atmosphere.
  • In some countries where the law permits it, you may find features such as built-in speakers or televisions on your ride so that passengers can play their own music or watch any programs of their choice

Features of a Stretch SUV Limo

So let’s get down to business. You’ve found yourself an SUV limousine, which is great! But what are some of the features of a stretch SUV?

  • High legroom
  • Leather seating
  • TV and DVD player (or flatscreen monitor) with surround sound system  (optional)
  • Can seat up to 15 people

As you can see, stretch limousines are much more than just luxury cars. They’re like your own personal rolling cinema or casino!

Features of a Party Bus

Party buses are a more recent innovation, and they come with many of the same features as limos. The main difference between these two types is that party buses have been specially designed from the ground up for entertainment purposes.

They will typically have bars inside them so you can serve drinks while on your ride, and also allow ample space for dancing. You will also find that party buses have flat-screen TVs installed so you can watch your favorite films or play video games during the ride. Some even come equipped with laser lights and other visual effects to help create a fun atmosphere!  Here is a look inside a party bus.

Limousine Features Recap

Some common features that are common to all types of limousines are more space to feel comfortable, TVs, and sound systems.  Where they tend to differ is in how many people they can accommodate.  For a larger group a party bus may be just what you need, even if you don’t plan on partying, whereas a small wedding party is perfectly comfortable in a stretch sedan.